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    | November 9, 2011

A message from Dian

Dear Seattle Voters,

I am running for Seattle City Council, Position No. 9. I’m impatient with business as usual in Seattle City Council: decisions that take forever and then ignore the public’s wishes anyway. It’s time those of us who don’t like what is going on around us to step up and make the decision to bring about change. As an experienced, dynamic leader of nonprofit groups and social service agencies, as a small business owner, and as a single mother, I know when something is not right. The political leadership of Seattle simply isn’t working. Seattle needs fresh leadership and fresh ideas – not the same old commitment to endless process, epitomized by the Alaskan Way Viaduct debacle, that makes a show of including everybody but in the end doesn’t listen to the input it receives. We need solutions. We need real leadership.

My vision is of a Seattle where everyone belongs, and where no individual and no neighborhood is left behind. It is a place where small businesses thrive, and where children and youth are well-educated. In my vision public safety is front and center, police are accountable to the public as public servants, and we have a commitment to that larger something which comes through shared effort and mutual benefit. I am up for the challenge. My skills, knowledge and experience set me apart from the business-as-usual conversations and solutions that dominate Seattle City Council. This is why I have decided to run. I need your support through dollars, time, endorsements, commitment and prayers to change the course of Seattleā€™s current direction.

-Dian E. Ferguson, Candidate for Seattle City Council, Position 9

Campaign News


| November 9, 2011

Today, I made gumbo, and invited over some of the friends and colleagues over who worked so hard on my campaign.

We did much better in the general election than we did in the primary, but it wasn’t enough. My congratulations to Sally Clark, who is, with her reelection, likely to become the next city council president. The incumbents will all return to the Council; likewise for the School Board with the apparent exception of Marty McLaren. Congratulations, Marty!

Running for office has been an amazing and humbling experience, and it would not have been possible without your support. I thank each of you who worked on my behalf, marching with me in parades, making phone calls, offering in-kind services of your many talents and giving donations to support the cost of running a citywide campaign. I have learned much from my efforts and will put this knowledge to good use in continuing to assist others and to help Seattle become a better place for us all to live. Thank you so much!

Join Dian on Election Day

| November 6, 2011

After you’ve voted on Tuesday, join Dian and her supporters in a last minute push to remind people to vote (and remind them to vote for change on Seattle City Council), and, later, to celebrate Dian’s campaign as the first results come in.

From 4 PM TO 5:30, meet up in front of Franklin High School’s field on Rainier Avenue South and Martin Luther King Jr Way. Come out and join Dian by holding signs and encouraging awesome South Seattle residents to vote for Dian E. Ferguson.

Then, from 7 to 10 PM, we’ll be having a fun election night watch party at Oskar’s Kitchen, 621 1/2 Queen Anne Ave. N. in Lower Queen Anne. Join us for food, drink, vote tallies, and a party for all the folks who’ve worked so hard this year to elect Seattle’s next great city council member. See you there!

Dian on KUOW Friday Morning

| November 3, 2011

UPDATE: The podcast of Dian’s KUOW interview is here.

As part of its coverage of local political races, KUOW’s popular Weekday program will be interviewing Dian and opponent Sally Clark on Friday morning. Host Steve Scher’s conversation with begins at 9:30. It will be one of the last chances voters have to hear, and ask questions, of the two candidates before ballots are due to be mailed next Tuesday.

To call in to Weekday, call 206-543-5869 (543-KUOW), or, from outside the immediate Seattle area, toll free at 1-800-289-5869. Programs are also archived for two weeks after broadcast here.

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